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Lotca is the iconic boat of the Danube Delta. It has been used by the local inhabitants for decades due to it’s versatility. Is ideal for fishing activities ( including commercial fishing with nets), but also for water transport and recreational purposes. It’s nearly 3/4-ton capacity makes it one of the “hardest working” boats in its class.That means you won’t be disappointed no matter what you want to do with it.

The bottom has a main keel in the centerline plane , and one in each side, a fact that provides good handling and a good stiffening of the hull.The shape of the boat ensures minimal drag and wave making resistance (even when fully loaded)

The chines are profiled as “longitudinal wings” providing good stability , reducing the pitch and roll motions and the bow rise phenomenon when speeding up. At the same time, the efficient propulsion when using oars was preserved. In this case the respective “wings” are out above the water line, reducing the wake.

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Design category D
Lenght 6,42 m;
Width 1,45 m;
Construction height 0,47 m;
Maximum number of persons 6;
Transom height mm 0,19 m;
Maximum load 665 kg;
Weight - boat without engine 185 kg;
Maximum engine power 25CP
Anchor rings inox
Vâsle lemn;
Storage compartments
Colored gelcoat
Outboard Engine YAMAHA/PARSUN
criber nautics

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