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The Boat is intended for leisure and nautical tourism, fishing, and hunting. It is recommended for both professional (net fishing) and recreational fishing. It is a boat with a transom mirror, a flat bottom, and an open bow. The bottom has a keel in the diametrical plane and one in each side, providing good directional stability and hull stiffening.

In the area of the gunwales, two “wings” are profiled to act as roll chines. These increase the water contact area in the stern area and reduce the longitudinal inclination (pitching). At the same time, good behavior is maintained when propelled with oars, in which case the respective wings rise above the water in the stern area, reducing the wake. The boat’s shape ensures minimal resistance and good stability.

Unsinkability is ensured by the structural bulkheads. It is constructed from a composite material, according to its own recipe, based on a special mix of fiber and resin. The canoe is finished in a wide range of colors and designed in accordance with essential construction requirements.

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Design category D
Lenght 5,8 m;
Width 0,89 m;
Construction height 0,6 m;
Maximum number of persons 2;
Weight 55 kg;
Colored gelcoat (interior) white
Colored gelcoat (exterior) white
Bench 3;
Paddle wood
Custom colored gelcoat
criber nautics

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