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Delphin 5.0 is an “open” boat with a central console. Having this layout, the interior space is very generous, which makes this boat ideal both for leisure and water sports, as well as for fishing.

Delphin 5.0 is designed for “C” category (for voyages in coastal waters, large bays, estuaries, lakes and rivers where conditions up to, and including, wind force 6 and significant wave heights up to, and including, 2 metres may be experienced.)

The hull has an open V shape with a deadrise angle of 7 degrees at transom, 13 degrees amidship and 35 degrees entry angle. It has hard chines, and on the bottom, it has two lifting strakes (spay rails, one on each side). These features make the boat to get up on plane very easily and provide good maneuverability , and also high dynamic and static stability . It can be powered by an outboard engine between 50 and 80 HP
Due to its small draft, Delphin 5.0 can be used successfully in shallow waters or in areas such as the narrow channels of the Danube Delta

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Design category C
Lenght 4,96 m;
Width 1,96 m;
Construction height 0,90 m;
Maximum number of persons 5;
Maximum load 430 kg;
Weight - boat without engine 420 kg;
Maximum engine power 80CP
Non slip floor
Side protection fender profile
Balamale + închizători
Steering system
Automatic bilge pump
Switch panel
Navigation lights
Fuel tank 70 liters
Cables protection hose
Swim ladder foldable, 3 steps
Audio system USB,Radio, 4spkr
Socket 12 V 2xUSB+12v socket
Bow roller
Colored gelcoat
Vinyl wrap design
Steering system hydraulic
Upholstered cushion seats
Upholstered interior boards
Swivel chair
Sonar Lowrance Elite 7
Outboard Engine YAMAHA/PARSUN
criber nautics

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