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The Explorer hydrocycle is the perfect means of relaxation on the lake or sea, on a hot summer day.

With a capacity of 4 people, the water bike is suitable for rides on the water’s surface with friends or family. It is suitable for recreational areas, fishing, or swimming at a greater distance from the shore or pontoon. Propulsion on the leisure water bike is achieved with the help of pedals and can carry a maximum of 4 adults.

Built from polyester reinforced with fiberglass, according to its own recipe, based on a special mix of fiber with resin, Criber Nautics lake or sea water bikes are known for their high impact resistance, low weight, UV protection, compact size, and easy maneuverability. The Explorer water bike is finished in a wide range of colors and designed in accordance with essential construction requirements, in compliance with current regulations.

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Lenght 3,7 m;
Width 1,8 m;
Construction height 0,75 m;
Maximum number of persons 4;
Weight 230 kg;
Colored gelcoat (interior) white
Colored gelcoat (exterior) white
Anchor rings
Side protection fender profile
Custom colored gelcoat
criber nautics

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